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Missing Adult Day: A reminder of the unaccounted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- According to the Justice Coalition, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office receives thousands of missing reports each year. While most of them are resolved, some become an open case.

"You just don't think it can happen to you," said Carol Payne.

January 3, 2013 was the last time anyone saw Payne's brother.

"Sometimes you think you're gonna wake up," she said, "and realize it is not real."

Her brother James Tracy Wilson, 56, might be driving a blue/gray four door Buick Lacrosse.

"The police are saying probably we'll find his car because it will run out of gas and he didn't have any money," said Payne. "That didn't happen."

Payne said her brother had a routine and never drifted from it.

"His bed wasn't made and the windows weren't open that's when I called my brother and they called the police," said Payne.

It has been six weeks since he vanished and they would like to know where he is, if he's OK.

"We want to know what happen either way we would like to close it," she said. 

Until then, Payne and her family are left with more questions than answers.

"This was not him to just go off and not come back home," said Payne. 

The family is offering a reward up to $2,000 dollars of their own money for information about James Tracy Wilson.

"Not knowing anything is hard," said Payne.

Sabrina Gouch is a victim advocate for the Justice Coalition.

"People do not disappear into thin air," said Gouch, "Someone knows something, someone has seen something."

The Justice Coalition is involved with 18 cases of missing adults and they would like to help the families get closure.

"With Tracy's case he is mentally handicapped so that makes him more at risk for foul play," she said.

Gouch said they have not given up on Tracy and the others who are missing, because missing does not mean forgotten.

"There's always hope," said Gouch, "You just never know."


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