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A New Year means new laws for Florida drivers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- It is a new year in the Sunshine State and on Florida's roadways there are some new laws in effect.

To start, say you want to flash your headlights to warn other drivers about nearby police.

"Just to alert," said Kim Rolfe, of Jacksonville. "It's just a courtesy to let other driver's know 'Hey, you're about to pass a cop.'"

Before the new year, that was illegal in Florida.

"I did not know that that was illegal!" Rolfe shouted with a laugh. "I thought I was just doing something nice for my fellow drivers!"

As of January 1, 2013, it's now legal, after the state legislature cleared up the law.

"So, it could be a good law to aide in safety," William Lee, of St. Augustine, said Tuesday morning. "So, I think it's good."

If you're ever in an accident, there's another law you should know about. It's about the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your Florida policy.

Some changes took effect in July 2012, but in 2013 changes to benefit amounts could make it tougher for accident victims to collect after a crash.

A driver's insurance company previously shelled out $10,000 in benefits, no matter who was at fault. Now, your benefits could be capped at $2,500 unless one of the doctors specifically outlined in the statute determines that you have an emergency medical condition. Only then could you be eligible for up to $10,000. You must also receive care within 14 days after an accident.

"If they're going to give you $2,500, or the other person $2,500, the price should be cheaper," Jacksonville resident Percy Brown said.

Click here for a link to the Florida Senate website with an in-depth look at the Personal Injury Protection policy updates.






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