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Murray Hill business bans customers in saggy pants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You have probably heard the phrase "No shoes, no shirt, no service" before.

But now, a longtime Jacksonville business is adding saggy pants to that list.

Dreamette in the 3600 block of Post Street now has a sign by its service window that says customers won't be served if they are wearing saggy pants.

The owner did not want to appear on camera with First Coast News for personal and professional reasons.

But, he said the sign went up this year after his frustration hit a breaking point.

He said in his six years of owning Dreamette, this past year was the worst for customers showing up with their underwear clearly visible.

So, he decided to put them all on notice. They can either pull up their pants or go home without ice cream.

Neko Protonotarious works across the street from the business. He said the sign does appear to discriminate against some people, but he thinks the owner is within his rights.

He said, "As a business owner, you kind of have control over your customers and over who you want being around your type of establishment. I'd say a business owner has control over that."

Protonotarious also pointed out he has seen similar signs across Jacksonville that target saggy pants.

"Gas stations. Hardware stores. You name it. Those signs are everywhere," he said.

Harry Graves believes the sign isn't the best way to get this message across, but he understands what the owner is trying to accomplish.

He said, "Personally, I don't want to walk into a store and see somebody's butt showing, but he could have done it a lot better than he did."

The owner said business hasn't suffered. If anything, he said people have been coming by to offer their support.

One woman told First Coast News she came up from St. Augustine to support the business after hearing about the sign on the radio.

Another customer said saggy pants went out a long time ago and shouldn't be acceptable anywhere.

The owner plans to keep the sign up for at least the time being.

Dreamette has been serving ice cream in the Murray Hill neighborhood for nearly 50 years.



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