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Black Friday shoppers, read the ads carefully

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Black Friday is a big day for retailers and for some shoppers it is the best day to find the best deals of the year.

But failing to read the ads carefully can turn a shoppers expectation into disappointment. 

November 22, the Friday before Black Friday 2013, shoppers were drawn to area Walmart stores by a promise to beat its competitor's Black Friday deals a week early.

Nicole Starling was at the Normandy Walmart store before 8 a.m.

"There were probably 10-to-15 of us standing around waiting for the manager," said Starling.

They went to the store, driven by Walmart's promotion which simply said Walmart would, "match select Black Friday offers from Target, Toys R Us and Best Buy one week early."

"It was suppose to be their pre Black Friday big sale," said Starling.

Starling and the others were disappointed when they couldn't get the store to match the prices on certain things.

What they missed in the promotion was the word 'select.'

Store manager Jesse Zovath said they had 100 select items and that's where the confusion comes in.

"The customers that came in actually had ads that would be breaking a week from today," said Zovath, "and we will certainly match those, the stipulation is we will do it on the date and time those ads break."

Zovath said what Walmart was doing on Nov. 22 was matching or beating the prices on 100 items.

"Ninety of which are phenomenally priced," she said.

She regret the confusion but said Walmart is all about its customers.

"We will be happy to match any of those 100 items," she said.

She said she will reach out to those customers who left their contact information.  


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