Summer BBQs Take Bite Out of Your Wallet

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "What we're doing is enjoying Memorial Day weekend, we've been out here since Friday night," said camper Joe Carmon.

Spending the weekend camping with friends and family should be an inexpensive way to unwind.

"We've been out here every day, fishing, camping, cooking out," said camper Tracy Smith.

But it's the cooking out part of the trip that's really starting to bite into people's wallets.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the price of beef has gone up 27% since last summer. The price of pork: 32%. And if you want an ear of sweet corn to go with it, well, that's gone up 87%.

And while the Department of Agriculture is expecting overall grocery costs in the US to rise 4% this year, Americans still feel the burn the most at the pump.

"The gas to get out here was the most expensive," said Smith.

School Board Eyes More Budget Cuts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- The Duval County School Board is tackling another round of budget cuts on Friday trying to find at least $14 million more in savings.

The district is facing a projected $91 million shortfall as funding from the state has been cut.

On the eve of the school board workshop, runners took to the streets of downtown Jacksonville to draw attention to the board's decision to axe 10 varsity sports programs to save money.

 Doug Alred of 1st Place Sports has been in the running business since 1978 and is now spearheading an effort to raise $70,000 to keep running in Duval high schools.

Cross country is on the chopping block in the Duval County Public Schools system as it cuts sports to close the budget deficit, but Alred said it needs to stay.

Florida Residents Encouraged To Include Pets In Family Disaster Plans

Florida Residents Encouraged To Include Pets In Family Disaster Plans

As a part of Florida Hurricane Preparedness Week, state emergency management officials are encouraging every pet owner in Florida to include their animals in their family disaster preparedness plan before the start of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season. By planning for the needs of your pets, it will greatly increase the chances of their survival during disasters.

Jacksonville Loses Counter-Terrorism Grant

Jacksonville Loses Counter-Terrorism Grant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "There's still a lot of angry people out there, and they want to send a message. And we need to be prepared for it," said Emergency Management Director Martin Senterfitt.

He says terrorism is still a real threat in Jacksonville, and losing the federal Urban Area Security Initiative grant increases the risk of an attack.

"By cutting our funding, that makes us the largest communities that aren't funded. And so that's our concern. We really believe the dollars are important," said Senterfitt.

Over the past six years, the grant has been worth more than $40 million dollars to Jacksonville. But this year's federal budget cut $780 million dollars to security grants across the country, so the bigger cities with a perceived bigger threat got the leftover money.

Car Dealership Employees Stop Armed Robbery Suspect

Car Dealership Employees Stop Armed Robbery Suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An armed robbery suspect was taken to jail Thursday thanks to daring employees at a Westside car dealership.
The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Joy Howell robbed a Cash Advance on Cassat Avenue then ran into the Mike Shad Nissan parking lot.
When employees tried to stop her, police said she fired her gun in the air.
No one was hit.
Howell then jumped on a golf cart with an employee, officers alleged.  That employee jumped off and police said he pinned her against a wall and held her there until police came.

Endeavour Heat Shields Damaged

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Damaged heat shields on the Endeavour's underbelly have NASA engineers concerned about the health of the space shuttle.

The heat shields are designed to protect the craft when it re-enters the extreme temperatures of the earth's atmosphere.

Seven places on the shuttle were damaged during the launch on Monday- though engineers have already cleared 5 of those spots because they don't pose any significant threat.

The astronauts will take a closer look at the 2 remaining places tomorrow- and if those places are enough of a problem, they'll have to do what's called a focused inspection in space.

NASA takes any damage to those heat shields very seriously since they were a contributing factor to the Columbia Shuttle Disaster of 2003 which killed seven astronauts.

VIDEO | SLIDESHOW: Endeavour Launches on Penultimate Shuttle Trip

VIDEO | SLIDESHOW: Endeavour Launches on Penultimate Shuttle Trip

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Endeavour blasted off on NASA's next-to-last shuttle flight, thundering through clouds into orbit Monday morning as the mission commander's wounded wife, Gabrielle Giffords, watched along with an exhilarated crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

NASA is winding down its 30-year-old shuttle program before embarking on something new. The event generated the kind of excitement seldom seen on Florida's Space Coast on such a grand scale - despite a delay of more than two weeks from the original launch date because of an electrical problem.

The shuttle quickly disappeared into the clouds.

"That was four seconds of cool," said Manny Kariotakis, who was visiting from Montreal. The 50-year-old got goosebumps watching the liftoff with thousands along Highway 1 in Titusville.

Just before launching, commander Mark Kelly thanked all the who put hands "on this incredible ship."