FEMA supplies arrive at staging area in Jacksonville | News

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FEMA supplies arrive at staging area in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Eighteen-wheelers full of supplies to help those hit hard by Isaac rolled in to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville Saturday afternoon.  They are full of bottled water, meals ready to eat, and cots.


FEMA says it chose the base as a federal staging area because from there supplies can be distributed to disaster areas within hours.

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The trucks were loaded at FEMA's warehouse near Atlanta and will be parked on the base ready to roll out at a moment's notice.

Jim Homstad, a spokesman for FEMA said, "It's important to stress we are here at the request of the state. We are here to supplement the state. The state and local first responders are the first ones in. They are the first push and FEMA would be the second push."

While the agency wasn't able to tell us exactly how many people the supplies that are being staged in Jacksonville can help, FEMA says it has millions of gallons of water and meals ready to go at any given time.

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