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Ortega residents: Drainage project failed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- More rain is the last thing Venetia Terrace residents want. The water is not only going in the storm drains, it is going into their homes

"This is the second time in two months we've had water in our home," said Amanda Boswell.

Boswell spent most of Tuesday placing sandbags around perimeter of her home.

"We' re still pretty damp in there, " she said, "so I don't want to get any more in."

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Boswell said on Monday, the water came into the family's computer room before it started receding. It was a grim reminder of the flooding from Tropical Storm Debby.

"It's scary, especially with two small children. Last time we were evacuated by firemen, I had to ride on a fireman's back," said Boswell, "while two other firemen carried my children who were screaming because these are strangers, even though they are helping." 

Venetia Terrace is in Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love's district.

"A lot of areas are having problems because it was a lot of water in a short period of time," said Love.

Love said he's heard the complaints and the disappointment with the Venetia Terrace drainage improvement project.

"We're looking into that," said Love, "I have already contacted Public Works."

Public works employees were inspecting the area mostly for clogged storm drains, but Boswell and some of her neighbors are asking if the $2 million spent on Venetia Terrace project was money well spent.

"We pay storm water fees that are suppose to help ... " said Boswell, "Politically, I'm like 'that was a big waste of money.'"

The Venetia Terrace Drainage project is the result of flooding problems. It was completed in March. Here's what it did.

The city's public works division said the project was suppose to make minor improvements to the existing system. It includes increased pipe sizes, to clean and widen drainage ditches and to correct elevations.

The goal was to reduce the duration and extent of flooding, not completely eliminate it.


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