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Water leak from manhole damaging church's property

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was another week of making repairs to the driveway of Cedar Creek Baptist church. The Lane Avenue church has had a problem with a manhole leaking water from the roadway to its property.

"We tried to resolve it with AT&T and they claim it is not theirs," said Earl Mckee.

It hasn't rained in a week, even so the water runs continuously from the manhole; identified by the label as Bell System property.

"I contacted JEA and they said that belongs to Bell South," he said.

McKee does the maintenance at Cedar Creek Baptist. He also makes repairs caused by erosion from the running water.

"It seeps down and it gets in this area over here, as the school traffic comes in and out, it keeps breaking up the driveway," said McKee.

This week he repaired six areas and there's still a large area that needs to be filled with asphalt.

"We noticed it about two years ago." said Pastor John Montgomery.

Montgomery said he has gone back and forth with the phone company trying to resolve what he calls a 'mess.'

"They keep coming back and saying basically they're not responsible," said Montgomery," then my question is who is?"

In between the back and forth there were promises, Montgomery said.

"They're saying they'll get it fix, but they haven't fixed it," he said.

In the meantime the water continues to run and wash out the parking lot.

"I'd like to see them stop the leak for one," said McKee," If they have to fill in the manhole, fill it in."

We contacted AT&T. Spokesperson Rosie Montalvo said:

"AT&T does provide maintenance to the manhole in question and had completed repair work on it earlier this year. We were not aware of any issues currently with the manhole however our engineering personnel have been sent to the location to inspect the area."

The Florida Department of Transportation is also checking to see if it is the state has a shared responsibility, only because Lane Avenue is in DOT's jurisdiction.


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