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Some say their car was towed from their own driveway.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Not happy at all. Residents reached out to First Coast News in total frustration after more than a dozen cars were towed from their Ortega Village trailer park.

Some said their cars were taken from their own driveways.

Walter Wood didn't want to show his face, but he was happy to show FCN his bills after his car was towed twice from near home.

"Not very well. I'm telling you," he said when he described how he was feeling. "This is $278. Then they're going to want the lot rent."

He is not alone. Several others, like Hector Duran, told FCN his friend's car was also towed.

"They towed his work van. They towed both of his cars. I think it's rediculous," Duran said. "The maintenance man made about $10 per car."

"You cannot park at the empty lots where there's no trailers," said neighbor, Kristi Leppard. You can't park on the street. You can't park in your yard."

FCN knocked on the property management doors several times and called for answers. When we hear back from them, we will update you.

FCN spoke by phone to Vincent Serrano. He is the owner of ASAP towing.

Serrano told FCN that 11 cars were towed Saturday and 7 on Sunday. He said residents were warned and ASAP follwoed the law in this case.

Serrano said some cars were towed because they had no tags. Others because they were parked in vacant lots, which is where Walter said he parked.

"It was on the next lot over. It's been there for 9 years," Wood said.

Serrano said they called police Sunday to keep the peace and he assures FCN no one received any kick-backs whatsoever from towing.

To get your car back, call ASAP towing at 904.771-7111.


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