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Front Porch Kind of Day
Front Porch Kind of Day

Recently my husband and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and thought it would be fun to take our kids and our wedding photos down to St. Augustine where we got married to take some pictures in the style of Dear Photograph.  While walking through the city, we came across a gentleman who was sitting out on his front porch in his rocking chair.  It was a perfect day for such activity.  He was sitting out there with his cigarettes and his maps.  He asked my husband to come over to him.  More specifically he asked, "Excuse me, Sir.  Could you bring your kids over here?"  He definitely got our attention with that.

We walked over and learned that his name is Jan (pronounced yawn) and he sits out on his porch everyday with his maps and asks people passing by to stop and put a pin on the map marking the city they were born in.  The maps on his porch were just from this year alone.  That's alot of people, if you ask me.  We stayed and chatted with Jan for about 10 mintues.  I noticed that he wasn't looking up at us very much while we were chatting.  He was busy assembling dinosaurs.  Later he gave our kids these tiny little cardboard dinosaur cut-outs.  He also gave my kids specific instructions on the assembly of said dinosaurs.  He told them, "Don't try to put them together until you've had at least two margaritas".  Hahaha!  Silly, Jan!  Margaritas are for mommies and daddies.  It was a wonderful day!  

Has anyone else around Jacksonville or St. Augustine had the pleasure of meeting Jan?  With all those pins in the map, surely someone reading this had met the man I'm referring to.  


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