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Chaffee Trail Elementary is WILD ABOUT LEARNING!!!
Chaffee Trail Elementary is WILD ABOUT LEARNING!!!

Listen up! Anyone can see that these kids are CRAZY about books and everything inside of them. Anyone can see that when they roam through the animal themed hallways accessorized with cheetah and zebra prints.

Students from every grade level celebrated reading today at Chaffee Trail Elementary School.

This is the fourth year the school has been open and the fourth year the school has celebrated meeting their reading goals.

According to principal, Beverly Walker, each year she challenges the students to meet reading goals. The students go through reading exercises as a warm up.  At the beginning of the school year the reading kick off challenge is made; read 80,000 books by the end of the school year!!! As part of the challenge, Principal Walker told the students she would be attacked by animals if they succeeded. The pot was sweetened when Coach Jim Hayes added he would shave his head. To validate this promise, he started growing his hair out at Christmas.

Throughout the school year teachers track their individual classrooms progress, while Principal Walker makes weekly updates during the schools daily news.

“Students met their goal halfway through the year, every grade level met their goal,” said Principal Walker, “Students don’t know until the day of the celebration that they met their goal, it’s a surprise.”

In addition to the bounce house and sno-cones provided by the PTA, students were also treated to a special guest, Florida author Michael Sterns came as a guest speaker. Sterns has written several children’s books including Kokopelli and the Island of Change and Kokopelli & the Butterfly.

Of course Principal Walker followed through on her promise to be attacked by animals. The top readers from each class got to throw stuffed wild animals at Principal Walker. The stuffed animals will be donated to tsunami survivors in Japan. Coach Hayes also followed through and had his head shaved by Assistant Principal Casie Doyle.

This is an AMAZING accomplisment, and these children most definitely deserve the attention of the entire city in recognition of their hard work, diligence, obedience, but most importantly there desrie to READ! They are an example to be followed, and their teachers and administratiors are doing a stellar job in preparing them for their futures! GREAT JOB GUYS!

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